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Little Miss Kick-Ass interviews Chelsea from Picture Perfect

In celebration of the launch of her Little-Miss Kick-Ass novella series, Felicity is beginning a new series of blog interviews that feature kick-ass heroines from kick-ass romance novels.

What makes for a kick-ass heroine?

She's a girl who doesn't give up until she gets where she wants to be. She's independent, forward thinking, and not afraid to make a few mistakes and break some rules along the way to finding her happy ever after.

Which perfectly describes, Chelsea, the heroine from super-lovely author Nikki Dee Houston's new erotic romance, Picture Perfect, from Etopia Press. If you haven't had the chance to read All Fired Up by Nikki yet, do yourself a favour and go one-click a copy. She is a very talented lady, who writes hot and sensual romance and I cannot wait to read Picture Perfect when it releases this Friday September 5th.

Picture Perfect is NOW LIVE and can be picked up at:

~Picture Perfect~

Chelsea is lonely, loveless, and horny as hell since her boyfriend dumped her. Her good friend from the office, Troy, suggests she take up art classes in the hope of meeting a nice guy. He knows what she needs, and he doesn't want to spoil their friendship by having to do it himself.

Stuart, the male nude model at life drawing classes has the perfect body. Chelsea can barely contain her desire as she studies his smooth, waxed, muscle-toned physique and then attempts to commit it to canvas. She acquaints herself with every gorgeous inch of his body, and although her skills as an artist fall a bit short, the vision of Stuart’s torso is wonderful fodder for her nocturnal fantasies. She feeds sumptuously, sating her ravishing hunger, quelling her desires. But it’s not enough. She needs more. She needs the real thing, not just her fantasies.

Felicity: Welcome, Chelsea! I'm so excited for you to be here today. Thank you very much for stopping by as I know you are very busy right now with your book coming out.

Chelsea: Felicity, thanks so much for inviting me to your blog.

Felicity: Now, I know your boyfriend left you six months ago, the rat. I'm sure that was painful for you, but can you tell us what happened?

Chelsea: Well, Dennis and I had been sweethearts since college. I’d heard rumours that he was cheating on me, but no way would he do that. Or so I thought. We eventually moved in together. I was so happy. But then, he dropped a bombshell. Over the phone. It broke my heart. Those rumours had been true after all. I should have listened.

Felicity: Well, we always like to hope for the best in people. Have you dated anyone since?

Chelsea: Nope. I'm learning to be happy with my own company. Besides that, men are only good 
for one thing. And I'm learning that I don’t need them for that either. 

Felicity: How would you describe the perfect guy?

Chelsea: Honest. Loyal. Trustworthy. Doesn't go screwing everyone in his office. Ah, you can see 
I'm still a little anti-men at the moment. Is there such thing as a perfect guy? I doubt it.

Felicity: You work in an office during the day. What is it you do?

Chelsea: I'm a project manager in a big bank. Boring. I sit in a pod in front of a computer screen
all day.

Felicity: Sounds like you're ready for some excitement :)Your friend, Troy, signed you up for an art class. Is this a new hobby or something you've always been interested in?

Chelsea: Troy has been my rock this past six months. My friend, Carol, was always saying she’d 
like to take art classes, but it had never really interested me. When Troy suggested it, I called Carol to see if she’d come with me. She jumped at the chance. She’s very talented, but I'm struggling to find my creativity.

Felicity: Life drawing. All those nude models. Were you embarrassed the first time you drew a naked guy or did it turn you on?

Chelsea: Embarrassed! It was so confronting! I didn't know where to look, but my eyes kept locking on his, er, equipment. In a class of nine other females, with a male nude model, I think I was the only one who couldn't laugh off the embarrassment. The model wasn't embarrassed at all. In fact, I think he liked to see me blushing like a beacon.

Felicity: You've mentioned Stuart has a perfect body. Do you find it hard to draw him, being so close to temptation?

Chelsea: Oh, I find it hard to draw anything. Kurt – our art teacher – says I draw Stuart’s penis 
and testicles to look like a banana and two plums. But I try. Stuart’s body is seriously perfect. Oh, just talking about it now makes me...
Find out more about Stuart here

Felicity: Wow....yeah. I see what you mean *cough* But I've heard mention of a guy named Peter. Can you tell us about him?

Chelsea: Peter. Hm, well he’s a friend of Stuart. He comes from Chicago. He’s friendly and nice. 
Oh, did I mention that he’s drop dead gorgeous?
Find out more about Peter here

Felicity: Ouch! That's one red-hot drawing class. Its a wonder anyone gets any drawing done with all the gorgeous flesh to admire. I bet it brings out the naughty in people. As a kick-ass heroine, you know what you want and have a strong mind about how to get it. Do you find this gets you into trouble at times?

Chelsea: Oh, I've never been in as much trouble as I found myself in this book. I broke all the rules. I became a home-wrecker. I trampled over other people’s feelings to satisfy my own needs, and did a really bad thing by spying on someone without their knowledge. Like I said. I broke all the rules.

Felicity: If you had to choose between sex on a beach or sex in a bed, which would it be?

Chelsea: Oh, definitely a bed. Or a desk. Or in the shower. Or sprawled across the front seat of the car. Maybe a beach. Felicity, I will take sex anywhere, anyhow, and any time.

Felicity: Any advice for ladies out there who are struggling to find their happy ever after?

Chelsea: If you have any morsel of doubt about whether or not he is the right one for you, don’t commit to anything. Let your head give some advice to your heart. And when you do find him, don’t let anything get in your way of being with him.

Well, there you go, ladies and gents. Who knew art class could be so steamy? ;)
Picture Perfect by Nikki dee Houston. Guaranteed to be one kick-ass read.


Nikki Dee Houston is a businesswoman by day, an erotic romance writer by night, and a lover all the time. She lives in an idyllic location in a modest beach shack near the sea. Nikki loves to write Erotic Fiction - the ‘behind closed doors’ stuff, where the readers can really get involved with the characters in an intimate way.
She believes that a good Erotic Romance story must have a strong romantic element, engaging characters, an interesting storyline, and some sizzling hot, steamy sex scenes. Nikki never underestimates the expectations of erotic romance readers and ensures she delivers on all counts.

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  1. Felicity, thanks so much for letting Chelsea visit your blog today. Hope you enjoy Picture Perfect. :-) Nikki

    1. Oh, I KNOW I will, enjoy the book, Nikki. I'm dying to read it. Art class. Male models. Hot sex scenes. It's my kinda book for sure. And Chelsea is one kick-ass heroine. Was a delight to have her here today :) Would love to have more of your kick-ass characters stop by in the near future. xx

  2. Yay...two of my fav galz ! OOH love that cover. Nikki CONGRATS to you. Can't wait to read this. Chelsea sounds some gal xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Shey, you simply amaze me. Here you are swamped with your move, a thousand and one things to do, and still finding time to stop by my little blog and wish Nikki well on her release. Thank you so much! xx

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Incy. I hope you enjoy it. :-)

    2. Incy! I'm excited to read Picture Perfect too. Great to see you here. Hope you're writing is going well. Looking forward to reading Hard to Hold. Thanks for stopping by! xx

  4. Sounds like a fun clever read. I know I couldn't draw a hot sexy naked man without blushing. Maybe I should try it sometime.

    1. Kendall, I'm sure Dr Manny would welcome you to his class! Thanks for stopping by Felicity's blog. :-)

    2. Kendall...what can I say. Wow. Thank you so much for stopping by to wish Nikki well on her release. For anyone who reads my blog and doesn't know Kendall, she's the very recent winner of the 2014 Romance Writers of Australia RUBY (Romantic Book of the Year) Award for Stories with Romantic Elements for Lost in Kakadu! A talented and lovely lady by all accounts. xx

    3. Thanks Kate. Yes, Kendall Talbot's book - Lost in Kakadu - is a wonderful action/adventure/romance set in the wild and harsh jungles of Kakadu National Park in far northern Australia. It's a great book.

  5. Rule breakers are really interesting. I've never been in a life drawing class but it sounds like real fun!

    1. Can be fun, Susanne. Even more so when the model is GORGEOUS!!

  6. Life drawing is quite an, erm...eye opening experience, Susannne. Nikki does an excellent job of detailing it's spicier side in Picture Perfect. Thanks so much for stopping by. Great to meet you! ~Felicity

    1. Thanks so much, Felicity. It was fun to write. Even more fun to do the research. ;-)