Thursday, January 28, 2016

#KickAss Interview: Cynthia Sax's Safyre from Crash and Burn

I'm having a bit of a fan-girl moment.

USA Today, bestselling author, Cynthia Sax (and one of the nicest and most giving people I know in the book world) stopped by for an interview with Safyre, the kick-ass heroine from CRASH AND BURN, book #3 of Cynthia's Cyborg Sizzle series. I really enjoyed this interview. I think you will agree once you've met Safyre that she truly is kick-ass. 

Oh...and please don't read on unless you are over 18. Safyre is very sassy-firey.


LMKA: Welcome, Safyre. Thank you very much for stopping by on such a busy day!

Safyre:  What the f**k else do I have to do? (rolls eyes) Besides reach Nymphia, the sister of my heart, before she dies, ensuring she isn’t alone when that happens.

LMKA: As the heroine of  Cynthia Sax’s  Crash and Burn, can you tell us a bit about yourself? Where are you from and what is it you do for a living?

Safyre:  There’s nothing much to tell. I lead supply runs and rescue missions for the Beings For Peace. These are risky but not as dangerous as my lucrative private sector deliveries. I’m paid very well to fly into regions no sane pilot would.

Why do I take these missions on?

Because I’m disposable. I matter to no one.

LMKA: We’ve all hit hard times in our lives. Can you describe one that changed you as a person and who helped you through it?

Safyre: Meeting Nymphia ten solar cycles ago at the Academy changed my life forever.

I was a battle-toughened girl of sixteen solar cycles, a war orphan, as Nymphia and Tifara both are. My short lifespan alone in this harsh universe trained me never to rely upon anyone else, never to care.

Then, the eight-solar-cycle-old Nymphia curled her baby fingers around my hands, gazed up at me with her big brown eyes and asked if I was her new mommy.

I told her to f**k off. The cursed girl blinked but she wouldn’t let go.
I won’t let go now. Even if it kills me to hold on.

LMKA: When it comes to relationships, do you prefer casual or committed?

Safyre:  Do my preferences f**kin’ matter? (snorts) I want committed. F**k. Who wouldn’t? But I get casual ‘cause dangerous missions and committed relationships don’t mix.

LMKA: I’ve heard mention of a guy named Crash. Can you tell us about him?

Safyre: I plan to commandeer a freighter headed to Tau Ceti, the planet Nymphia is trapped on. Crash is my ticket to do that. The freighter is shipping cyborgs and he claims he can control these manufactured warriors. I’ve never seen the male but his voice makes me hot. I’d do him. (winces) If it weren’t for this f**kin’ headache.

LMKA: How would you describe the perfect guy?

Safyre:  Someone who holds on. I want a male who will stand by my side, clasping my hand as I face death. I like my males big too. (waggles eyebrows) If you know what I mean.

LMKA: As a kick-ass heroine, you know what you want and have a strong mind about how to get it. Do you find this gets you into trouble at times?

Safyre: No trouble I can’t get out of. My hair is bright orange. (runs fingers through the tuff of hair) Beings take one look at me and know I can kick-ass. That’s why I chose that color, warn others that I’m trouble. 

LMKA: If you had to choose between sex on a beach or sex in a bed, which would it be?

Safyre:  Sex against the wall, my arms stretched above me, my hands bound. Give it to me fast and hard. ‘Course a male would have to be strong to take me that way. I’m not a small female. (Cynthia whispers ‘He’d have to be cyborg strong.’)

LMKA: Any advice for ladies out there who are struggling to find their happy-ever-after?

Safyre: You’re asking me? (laughs without humor) First, I’m no lady. I’m a kick-ass space pilot, remember? Second, there’s no happy ever after for me. I don’t expect to survive my mission to Tau Ceti. The best I can hope for is one more fabulous f*ck before I die.

Crash And Burn

Crash was manufactured to be one of the best warriors in the universe. The cyborg has spent many human lifespans fighting the enemy. But, unlike his battle-loving brethren, he doesn’t enjoy killing. When he escapes the Humanoid Alliance, he vows to never end another life.

Then he meets Safyre, an infuriating human female, and he considers breaking his vow.

Safyre will do anything to save her friend, the being she loves like a sister. She’ll ravish a huge hunky cyborg, kiss his best friend, and invoke scorching hot desires the male never realized he could feel. Dark soulful eyes, a quick wit, and a tempestuous passion won’t divert her from her mission.

Love, and a planet-destroying weapon, however, might stop her permanently.

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About Cynthia Sax
USA Today bestselling author Cynthia Sax writes contemporary, SciFi and paranormal erotic romances. Her stories have been featured in Star Magazine, Real Time With Bill Maher, and numerous best of erotic romance top ten lists.
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Thank you so much for being on my blog today Cynthia and Safyre. Poor Crash. He's got his work cut out for him. I sooooo cannot wait to read this book when it comes out on February 23rd. *squee*


  1. Thank you so much for interviewing Safyre this planet rotation.
    (big hugs)
    She'd thank you herself but she (and her ship) seem to be missing.

  2. MISSING????? Oh wow....I so can't wait to read this book. Thank you for allowing me to interview such an sassy, kick-ass heroine and for being here today. xx