Sunday, September 21, 2014

Snippet Sunday--Tin Heart

Every Sunday, writers from around the globe post a snippet of their work. Here is my entry for today from my Steampunk romance, Tin Heart. It is the unedited beginning of a discussion between Captain Leonidas and Lady Anne where truths are spoken that change the course of  their lives.

Beside the map, a dog-eared copy of Madagascar rested on the writing desk. Defoe? Bah! No doubt she filled her head with romantic ideas of gauzy silks, exotic spices and pirates who wooed adventure with the tip of a blade. The reality of Andovia was somewhat different, however, and he, who’d lived its basest aspects, had no stomach to inform her. Enduring her delight as she ate pastries and tea would be preferable to this discussion.
 “Knowledge is by nature a chancy repast,” he warned. “Sometimes full of sweet revelations. More often fraught with disenchantment.”

Grey eyes held his gaze, steady and clear. “And yet, it’s what I hunger for.”

Leo and Anne have such a turbulent journey ahead of them. It's nice to come back to this point early in the story when the adventure was new and the skies limitless.

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  1. I like the strong imagery you bring into this passage.

  2. Great snippet. I love the way it introduces us to the characters.

  3. I love the tone of the snippet and the way he's thinking one thing but says another, less harsh. Great excerpt!

    1. Thanks, Veronica. Leo tries, but doesn't always succeed, to be a gentleman ;)

  4. really love that last line, well done !

  5. "Grey eyes held his gaze, steady and clear. 'And yet, it’s what I hunger for.'"
    Great line.
    Well written snippet.

  6. This is richly written, from the descriptions to his scorn to her determination.

    I'm already hooked! :)

  7. Love!!! Great first snippet! Looking forward to reading more!

  8. This sounds exciting. They seem to be drastically different and still he has a sort of acceptance of her that makes the relationship mysterious.