Monday, September 1, 2014

Goodbye August, Hello September

August has been a busy month with Steam Bunny making it's début.So far it's been getting good reviews like this one from Amazon UK.
And also from Jane Hunt who calls it, "an erotic quest to find happy ever after." I just love that quote so much. It captures the book completely. Thanks again, Jane, for the wonderful review and also for the interview!

Jane is an excellent writer as well as prolific blogger and reviewer. Check out her Dragon Legacy series if you haven't had a chance to do so yet. Paranormal romance with a very steamy side. The second in the series The Revenge Masquerade is due out in Dec14/Jan15.

Thanks also to Shehanne Moore for inviting me aboard ship for tea with Lady Fury and her book club (and allowing me to disembark again without using the gangplank) I first came across Lady Fury in Shehanne's amazing début historical romance novel, The Unraveling of Lady Fury.

It's the kind of book every reader loves to read. It gripped me, pulled me in and made me a Shehanne Moore fan for ever more. His Judas Bride followed suit with Loving Lady Lazuli (a Night Owl Reviews Top Pick) shortly thereafter. Her fourth book, The Viking and the Courtesan will be making its release soon and I can't wait!

Fabulous Noelle Clark had me on her blog earlier this month and can I just say what a pleasure it was to be interviewed by such a lovely lady. Thank you very much, Noelle. Her own books have been making waves and I can certainly see why. Talented as well as sincere in her work, her writing comes alive as you turn the pages. She has quite a few books in her list now: Rosamanti, Let Angles Fly, and Stone of Heaven and Earth coming soon.

So what's coming up this fall for me?

Writing, writing and more writing.
Felicity is busy working on Fit to Be Tied, the next book in the Little Miss Kick-Ass series where Race and Astrid get each other all tied up in knots. Literally.

And Kate s busy working on Tin Heart.  I know it's been pushed into the background while Felicity made her erotic romance début, but that's because Kate is a very patient lady and has wanted to give Tin Heart the time it's needed to blossom. So I'm happy to say that the first book is now finished and going through a final round of edits before being sent to a publisher, who will hopefully say, "yes!"

September promises to be busy, but that's just the way I like it to be. I hope yours is a great new month full of making the impossible possible.

Thanks for stopping by :)

~Felicity and Kate~


  1. Excellent! Steam Bunny is such fab story. Can't wait to read about Astrid and Race. And Tin it!

  2. are one sweet sweet girl as well as being an awesome talent yourself. I loved every moment of little Miss Kick-Ass bunny. It deserves these great reviews.

  3. You've certainly had a busy month Kate. I loved the originality of Steam Bunny and I am eagerly awaiting the next in the series. Kate's book sounds interesting and I will look out for that too. Thanks for mentioning my blog and books :-)
    Look forward to having you back on my blog in the near future, maybe as Kate this time?

  4. Thanks ladies. You are all awesome :) Jane, I would love to visit your blog again as Kate! Thanks so much for stopping by. xx