Monday, August 18, 2014

Meet My Character Blog Tour--with a couple who’s Fit to Be Tied.

First of all thank you to brilliantly talented, Shehanne Moore, author of smexy historical romance for inviting me along on this blog tour. Shehanne’s books are riveting, with very kick-ass heroines and I can’t wait to read her upcoming novel from Soul Mate Publishing, The Viking and The Courtesan., not sure her last name as she’s had so many, sounds an interesting gal, with an even more interesting business.

Check out her eye-popping card....

....and the rest of her interview here: Meet Malice.

Now for my character interview, as Casey and Lucas from Steam Bunny are busy and I sure as heck don’t want to disturb them with all they have going on, I thought I’d have Astrid Bitten pop by for tea since she’s the heroine of the next Little Miss Kick-Ass novella, Fit To be Tied.

But is that who’s sitting across from me in my Imagination Lounge?

Nope, it’s Mr. Mysterious himself...Race Lindstrom.
Worried? So am I. I didn't give him an invitation.
Just goes to show you how cooperative characters are. 

Yet here he is in his crisp, dark suit, tie undone, blond hair swept back and staring at me like he means business. Which undoubtedly he does.

What do you offer a man who has everything? As the wealthy producer for an L.A based animation company, Race prefers coffee to tea, his cars fast, his women faster and his deals won. At all costs.

I push aside the pot of herbal tea on the table and decide against the mini-cheese cake squares I’d prepared for Astrid.

“Can I get you something, Race?” I ask.

“Yes.” His voice is warm and deep, with the barest hint of a Scandinavian accent.

“Evian?" I press. "Some Swedish berries...?


“Ahhh...” I lean back in my chair, enjoying the tense line of his strong jaw and the shadow of stubble growing there. “Having a bit of trouble with her are you?”

“She won’t answer my calls.”

“Really? I can't imagine why.” But after how things ended in Steam Bunny, it's really no wonder.

“She sends back all my gifts unopened.”

“You did lie to her. You know how she feels about lying. Her heart's been broken too many times.”

He crosses his arms over his magnificent chest.“I never lied. I told her the truth in the end.”

“Only after she tied you up.”

His blue-grey eyes narrow at me without a hint of amusement. “You made her do that.”

“Oh, come on now. You were the one who wanted her to dress up as Wonder Woman. You can’t give a girl a ‘Lasso of Truth’ and not expect her to use it.”

He glowers at me, but I can see right through the disguise he wears.

“Know what? I think you enjoyed it. That’s why you want her back. She’s the only girl who’s really made your blood race since Charity.”

His face creases at the sound of her name. His gaze becomes guarded, but not before I catch the flicker of pain. “We’re not going to talk about her.”

“No? I wish you would talk to someone about her. Do you think she’d want you to live alone forever? ”

“I don’t deserve to be happy. Not after what happened.”

I can’t help rolling my eyes at his moody pity-me drama. “What happened to Charity wasn't your fault. But Astrid deserves to be more than just another plaything, so if you really do want her, you’re going to have to prove she can trust you.”

“I know.” His teeth flash white against his tanned skin.

“That’s a very wicked smile, Mr. Lindstrom,” I say, once I can find my voice. The man is killer-handsome and knows it.

“Give me a weekend somewhere remote with some interesting play toys and I’ll have her begging me to keep her."

I look at him with a raised brow, hoping he sees my skeptical expression, but his mind seems fixed on envisioning his seductive plans. “Are you sure it won’t end up the other way round? With you doing the begging?”

His expression turns arrogant, his posture tight. His pent up energy reaches toward me across the table. “Is that a dare?”

“Race,” I say, laughing as I do my best to ignore the intoxicating scent of his Dakar cologne. “I think you’re in for an interesting weekend. Astrid's not afraid to kick a little ass.” (or a big one for that matter.)

"I'm counting on it." His smile widens into a wide toothed grin as he slowly fades away like a Cheshire cat. Over the back of his empty chair,  I can see Astrid's wide eyed expression peeping in the window. Spying? Seriously?

The pair of them are most definitely Fit To Be Tied. You can read Astrid and Race's battle-of-wills story in December 2014.

Thanks for stopping by today, but please don’t forget to click on over and read what the other ladies on this blog tour are chatting about with their characters. Jane Hunt, Incy Black, Elyzabeth M. Valey and Mishka Jenkins

And for the next leg of the blog tour I nominate...Sutton Fox :)


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bunny Hopping With Excitement

This has been a VERY exciting week for me.

Steam Bunny is now out and hopping it's way around the digital universe. Yay!

Check out this wonderful review by fantastic and talented Jane Hunt:

Release Day: Steam Bunny – Felicity Kates. Spotlight and 4* Review

There is nothing like seeing a book come to fruition. The years of hard work, the sacrifice, but more so the joy of sharing a story with the world, if only because FINALLY the characters that have been nattering in my head now can natter in other peoples heads and come alive :)

You can find Steam Bunny here:

Amazon  Kobo  Nook  iBooks Page Foundry 

Thanks for stopping by today and sharing in my excitement!