Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cover Reveal---Awakened Desires by Rissa Blakeley

Today, I bring you a gorgeous cover reveal for AWAKENED DESIRES, the second book in Rissa Blakeley's very awesome Shattered Lives series. 

Apocalyptic. Paranormal. Sexy.

This is one series I am definitely following. Rissa loves to write. A lot.  Her vivid imagination brings to life a world of desperation and desire that you won't want to leave. Graphic and edgy, her work keeps you engaged and guessing at every turn.

AWAKENED DESIRES is making it's debut on October 25th, 2014

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*Warning: For mature (18+) audiences only due to strong language, sexual situations and violence.*

Gunther Erikkson had a mission to complete – one that he was more than willing to see through. After he arrived in New York to intimidate Henry Daniels into doing his job, things began to change for Gunther. One woman had started to chip away at his icy heart. With the mission complete, he headed back to his home in Atlanta, but he was left with an unfamiliar ache in his chest. 
The virus spread like wildfire and, within a week, it had reached Gunther. Undeterred, he began his journey to his predetermined destination. During his travels, he came across a woman who was moments from meeting her end, but Gunther rushed in and saved Quinn Landers’ life. After a sincere promise of protection, she decided to continue her travels with him. 

The pain from the virus was creeping deep into his muscles and bones. With the lack of a blood source and his own life hanging in the balance, Gunther knew he needed to confess one of his biggest secrets to Quinn. The tightened web of lies began to loosen, awakening Gunther’s desires. 
After dealing and learning to live with other survivors, bombings, and secrets, they continued to travel north. When they arrived at the destination, Henry was already waiting, thirsty for a battle. 
Tragedy struck and it hit home for Gunther. Will he discover who he truly is? Do Gunther and Henry battle it out, or do they learn to get along and prepare for an epic showdown with a common foe?

You can find the first Shattered Lives book, BROKEN DREAMS, here:

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