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Little Miss Kick-Ass Interviews Leia from SOAR

I am so excited to share this interview with you today!

Erotic romance author, Zara Cox stopped by with Leia Michaels. Leia is the kick-ass heroine from SPIRAL, book #3 of Zara's best selling Indigo Lounge series. The conclusion of Leia's story, SOAR is out today.


Welcome back to The Indigo lounge, the scandalously sexy sky-high playground where anything can happen. Buckle up. Emotional turbulence guaranteed...
SOAR, the sizzling conclusion to the next duet in the Indigo Lounge Series.

Seven Nights, Seven Highs…the story continues!

Dark and sinfully sexy Noah King thought he'd left his past behind in New York. He should have known better. The past isn't done with him yet.

Leia Michaels thought she was finally free. Free of the shadows of her past. Free to contemplate a future with Noah. She should have known better. The past isn't done with her either.

Perfect for lovers of Sylvia Day's Crossfire series, SOAR is the conclusion to the scorching duet in the bestselling Indigo Lounge series. Step back aboard and check your inhibitions at the door.

*Warning* This book contains explicit sexual scenarios that will make your pulse explode. 18+ only.


Felicity: Welcome, Leia. Thank you very much granting an interview on such a busy day! Many readers may have already been introduced to your story in SPIRAL, but for those who haven’t, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Leia: Hi, really glad to be here!! Yes, my story did start a bit crazily in Spiral, didn’t it? Thanks to everyone who read it, btw. A little bit about myself? Well, my past has been quite…turbulent, to put it mildly. I lost my parents at a young age, and my life “spiralled” down a rather chaotic road, which culminated in me meeting Noah King on the Indigo Lounge private jet. Let’s just say we’re kindred spirits of sorts, in that our lives are a little fucked up, pardon my French.

Felicity: As the young-woman CEO of a multi-national company, what do you find is your greatest challenge?

Leia: Smashing through the stereotype that young (I’m 23) often means dumb J

Felicity: La Carezza is a lingerie company. Do you do all of your own designs?

Leia: Absolutely. It’s a consuming passion of mine and I’m of the firm mind that a woman’s underwear should be extra special. Always.

Felicity: Do you have a favourite piece?

Leia: I do, and I’m wearing it now *wink wink*

Felicity: Warren Snyder has been important influence on your life. How has your relationship changed over the years?

Leia: Warren was never what I would call a father figure. He was more a staid mentor. But lately, our relationship has taken a turn for the slightly disturbing and I can’t help think he’s waiting to make a move. A move that could hurt me badly.

Felicity: The Indigo Lounge. 7 nights 7 highs - Are You Ready To Lose Control?
I know my readers are DYING for a glimpse into the exclusive luxury flight. Can you tell us, without breaching confidentiality, what it was like on the plane?

Leia: Stepping aboard the IL Jet is stepping into an atmosphere so charged with sex, you can’t help but be immersed in it. Would I have been insanely attracted to Noah King if we’d met for the first time somewhere more…normal? Without a doubt. But the Indigo Lounge jet offers sexual experiences at every turn that ramps up budding fantasies - the Decadence room, The Silk Bar with loungers provided for sex, the Ozone Bar, dining experiences that come with sex toys and aphrodisiac-laced candles, and as I found out very recently, an in-room set up of your choice. So, short answer is, whether you have one sexual fantasy or a thousand, the Indigo Lounge is your oyster.

Felicity: Wow. Sounds completely decadent. I know why I'd go on a trip like that, lol, but why did you go on the trip?

Leia: To take back my sexuality. To break free once and for all from the ravages of my sexual assault when I was seventeen.

Felicity: You are a very brave woman to confront your fears in such a direct way. On the brochure, it asks if you are ready to lose control. Did you lose control? And who did you do it with?

Leia: I most definitely lost control - and in the best and worst ways, I think. I submitted my sexual control to Noah King (best decision ever) and lost my heart to him in the process (not such a good idea…so far).

Felicity: How would you describe the perfect guy?

Leia: A little broken (so he understands that I’m not perfect), a lot domineering (I like to surrender my control in the bedroom), funny, and…a big, experienced, cock certainly doesn’t hurt.

Felicity: It certainly doesn't, lol. Can you tell us about your relationship with Noah King?

Leia: Well, it’s currently turbulent. He has issues. I have major issues. But when I close my eyes, I see nothing but him in my future and in my heart. Will we work things out? I’m too afraid to hope, but Noah wants me to have a little faith, so we’ll see…

Felicity: As a kick-ass heroine, you know what you want and have a strong mind about how to get it. Do you find this gets you into trouble at times?

Leia: Surrendering my will outside of the bedroom is difficult for me. I also have major trust issues. So yeah, it’s a challenge. But one I won’t back down from.

Felicity: If you had to choose between sex on a beach or sex in a bed, which would it be?

Leia: Sex in bed. The idea of anyone seeing me naked isn’t one Noah accommodates lightly. To be honest, he’s quite fanatical about the prospect. Besides, we like to play with gadgets, which won’t really work on a beach. *wink*

Felicity: SPIRAL ended in a heart-wrenching revelation. Without going deeply into details, what can readers expect to find in SOAR, the conclusion to your story?

Leia: It’s a roller coaster ride of heartbreak, angst, wild and beautiful sex, sex, more sex and a horrific realisation that the people I trusted aren’t what they seem. I’m expecting to fight to the death for my happiness.

Felicity: Any advice for ladies out there who are struggling to find their happy ever after?

Leia: Never give up. Use everything you got. And yes, I mean sex, too. And trust a little bit more.

Felicity: Thank you so much, Leia, for your wonderful and enlightening answers.

Readers can check out the full Indigo Lounge series here:


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Bethany's story     

         Noah and 
Leia's story

And more about Zara Cox here: Facebook

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Cover Reveal---Awakened Desires by Rissa Blakeley

Today, I bring you a gorgeous cover reveal for AWAKENED DESIRES, the second book in Rissa Blakeley's very awesome Shattered Lives series. 

Apocalyptic. Paranormal. Sexy.

This is one series I am definitely following. Rissa loves to write. A lot.  Her vivid imagination brings to life a world of desperation and desire that you won't want to leave. Graphic and edgy, her work keeps you engaged and guessing at every turn.

AWAKENED DESIRES is making it's debut on October 25th, 2014

But you can pre-order from Amazon here:

One-click now!


*Warning: For mature (18+) audiences only due to strong language, sexual situations and violence.*

Gunther Erikkson had a mission to complete – one that he was more than willing to see through. After he arrived in New York to intimidate Henry Daniels into doing his job, things began to change for Gunther. One woman had started to chip away at his icy heart. With the mission complete, he headed back to his home in Atlanta, but he was left with an unfamiliar ache in his chest. 
The virus spread like wildfire and, within a week, it had reached Gunther. Undeterred, he began his journey to his predetermined destination. During his travels, he came across a woman who was moments from meeting her end, but Gunther rushed in and saved Quinn Landers’ life. After a sincere promise of protection, she decided to continue her travels with him. 

The pain from the virus was creeping deep into his muscles and bones. With the lack of a blood source and his own life hanging in the balance, Gunther knew he needed to confess one of his biggest secrets to Quinn. The tightened web of lies began to loosen, awakening Gunther’s desires. 
After dealing and learning to live with other survivors, bombings, and secrets, they continued to travel north. When they arrived at the destination, Henry was already waiting, thirsty for a battle. 
Tragedy struck and it hit home for Gunther. Will he discover who he truly is? Do Gunther and Henry battle it out, or do they learn to get along and prepare for an epic showdown with a common foe?

You can find the first Shattered Lives book, BROKEN DREAMS, here:

Find out more about Rissa here:

Cover Designer:

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Snippet Sunday--Tin Heart

Every Sunday, writers from around the globe post a snippet of their work. Here is my entry for today from my Steampunk romance, Tin Heart. It is the unedited beginning of a discussion between Captain Leonidas and Lady Anne where truths are spoken that change the course of  their lives.

Beside the map, a dog-eared copy of Madagascar rested on the writing desk. Defoe? Bah! No doubt she filled her head with romantic ideas of gauzy silks, exotic spices and pirates who wooed adventure with the tip of a blade. The reality of Andovia was somewhat different, however, and he, who’d lived its basest aspects, had no stomach to inform her. Enduring her delight as she ate pastries and tea would be preferable to this discussion.
 “Knowledge is by nature a chancy repast,” he warned. “Sometimes full of sweet revelations. More often fraught with disenchantment.”

Grey eyes held his gaze, steady and clear. “And yet, it’s what I hunger for.”

Leo and Anne have such a turbulent journey ahead of them. It's nice to come back to this point early in the story when the adventure was new and the skies limitless.

Check out  Anne Lange's snippet from her upcoming release, Sliding Into Home.
You can also find more links from participating authors at the Snippet Sunday Facebook page. 
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Little Miss Kick-Ass interviews Chelsea from Picture Perfect

In celebration of the launch of her Little-Miss Kick-Ass novella series, Felicity is beginning a new series of blog interviews that feature kick-ass heroines from kick-ass romance novels.

What makes for a kick-ass heroine?

She's a girl who doesn't give up until she gets where she wants to be. She's independent, forward thinking, and not afraid to make a few mistakes and break some rules along the way to finding her happy ever after.

Which perfectly describes, Chelsea, the heroine from super-lovely author Nikki Dee Houston's new erotic romance, Picture Perfect, from Etopia Press. If you haven't had the chance to read All Fired Up by Nikki yet, do yourself a favour and go one-click a copy. She is a very talented lady, who writes hot and sensual romance and I cannot wait to read Picture Perfect when it releases this Friday September 5th.

Picture Perfect is NOW LIVE and can be picked up at:

~Picture Perfect~

Chelsea is lonely, loveless, and horny as hell since her boyfriend dumped her. Her good friend from the office, Troy, suggests she take up art classes in the hope of meeting a nice guy. He knows what she needs, and he doesn't want to spoil their friendship by having to do it himself.

Stuart, the male nude model at life drawing classes has the perfect body. Chelsea can barely contain her desire as she studies his smooth, waxed, muscle-toned physique and then attempts to commit it to canvas. She acquaints herself with every gorgeous inch of his body, and although her skills as an artist fall a bit short, the vision of Stuart’s torso is wonderful fodder for her nocturnal fantasies. She feeds sumptuously, sating her ravishing hunger, quelling her desires. But it’s not enough. She needs more. She needs the real thing, not just her fantasies.

Felicity: Welcome, Chelsea! I'm so excited for you to be here today. Thank you very much for stopping by as I know you are very busy right now with your book coming out.

Chelsea: Felicity, thanks so much for inviting me to your blog.

Felicity: Now, I know your boyfriend left you six months ago, the rat. I'm sure that was painful for you, but can you tell us what happened?

Chelsea: Well, Dennis and I had been sweethearts since college. I’d heard rumours that he was cheating on me, but no way would he do that. Or so I thought. We eventually moved in together. I was so happy. But then, he dropped a bombshell. Over the phone. It broke my heart. Those rumours had been true after all. I should have listened.

Felicity: Well, we always like to hope for the best in people. Have you dated anyone since?

Chelsea: Nope. I'm learning to be happy with my own company. Besides that, men are only good 
for one thing. And I'm learning that I don’t need them for that either. 

Felicity: How would you describe the perfect guy?

Chelsea: Honest. Loyal. Trustworthy. Doesn't go screwing everyone in his office. Ah, you can see 
I'm still a little anti-men at the moment. Is there such thing as a perfect guy? I doubt it.

Felicity: You work in an office during the day. What is it you do?

Chelsea: I'm a project manager in a big bank. Boring. I sit in a pod in front of a computer screen
all day.

Felicity: Sounds like you're ready for some excitement :)Your friend, Troy, signed you up for an art class. Is this a new hobby or something you've always been interested in?

Chelsea: Troy has been my rock this past six months. My friend, Carol, was always saying she’d 
like to take art classes, but it had never really interested me. When Troy suggested it, I called Carol to see if she’d come with me. She jumped at the chance. She’s very talented, but I'm struggling to find my creativity.

Felicity: Life drawing. All those nude models. Were you embarrassed the first time you drew a naked guy or did it turn you on?

Chelsea: Embarrassed! It was so confronting! I didn't know where to look, but my eyes kept locking on his, er, equipment. In a class of nine other females, with a male nude model, I think I was the only one who couldn't laugh off the embarrassment. The model wasn't embarrassed at all. In fact, I think he liked to see me blushing like a beacon.

Felicity: You've mentioned Stuart has a perfect body. Do you find it hard to draw him, being so close to temptation?

Chelsea: Oh, I find it hard to draw anything. Kurt – our art teacher – says I draw Stuart’s penis 
and testicles to look like a banana and two plums. But I try. Stuart’s body is seriously perfect. Oh, just talking about it now makes me...
Find out more about Stuart here

Felicity: Wow....yeah. I see what you mean *cough* But I've heard mention of a guy named Peter. Can you tell us about him?

Chelsea: Peter. Hm, well he’s a friend of Stuart. He comes from Chicago. He’s friendly and nice. 
Oh, did I mention that he’s drop dead gorgeous?
Find out more about Peter here

Felicity: Ouch! That's one red-hot drawing class. Its a wonder anyone gets any drawing done with all the gorgeous flesh to admire. I bet it brings out the naughty in people. As a kick-ass heroine, you know what you want and have a strong mind about how to get it. Do you find this gets you into trouble at times?

Chelsea: Oh, I've never been in as much trouble as I found myself in this book. I broke all the rules. I became a home-wrecker. I trampled over other people’s feelings to satisfy my own needs, and did a really bad thing by spying on someone without their knowledge. Like I said. I broke all the rules.

Felicity: If you had to choose between sex on a beach or sex in a bed, which would it be?

Chelsea: Oh, definitely a bed. Or a desk. Or in the shower. Or sprawled across the front seat of the car. Maybe a beach. Felicity, I will take sex anywhere, anyhow, and any time.

Felicity: Any advice for ladies out there who are struggling to find their happy ever after?

Chelsea: If you have any morsel of doubt about whether or not he is the right one for you, don’t commit to anything. Let your head give some advice to your heart. And when you do find him, don’t let anything get in your way of being with him.

Well, there you go, ladies and gents. Who knew art class could be so steamy? ;)
Picture Perfect by Nikki dee Houston. Guaranteed to be one kick-ass read.


Nikki Dee Houston is a businesswoman by day, an erotic romance writer by night, and a lover all the time. She lives in an idyllic location in a modest beach shack near the sea. Nikki loves to write Erotic Fiction - the ‘behind closed doors’ stuff, where the readers can really get involved with the characters in an intimate way.
She believes that a good Erotic Romance story must have a strong romantic element, engaging characters, an interesting storyline, and some sizzling hot, steamy sex scenes. Nikki never underestimates the expectations of erotic romance readers and ensures she delivers on all counts.

~Contact Nikki~


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Goodbye August, Hello September

August has been a busy month with Steam Bunny making it's début.So far it's been getting good reviews like this one from Amazon UK.
And also from Jane Hunt who calls it, "an erotic quest to find happy ever after." I just love that quote so much. It captures the book completely. Thanks again, Jane, for the wonderful review and also for the interview!

Jane is an excellent writer as well as prolific blogger and reviewer. Check out her Dragon Legacy series if you haven't had a chance to do so yet. Paranormal romance with a very steamy side. The second in the series The Revenge Masquerade is due out in Dec14/Jan15.

Thanks also to Shehanne Moore for inviting me aboard ship for tea with Lady Fury and her book club (and allowing me to disembark again without using the gangplank) I first came across Lady Fury in Shehanne's amazing début historical romance novel, The Unraveling of Lady Fury.

It's the kind of book every reader loves to read. It gripped me, pulled me in and made me a Shehanne Moore fan for ever more. His Judas Bride followed suit with Loving Lady Lazuli (a Night Owl Reviews Top Pick) shortly thereafter. Her fourth book, The Viking and the Courtesan will be making its release soon and I can't wait!

Fabulous Noelle Clark had me on her blog earlier this month and can I just say what a pleasure it was to be interviewed by such a lovely lady. Thank you very much, Noelle. Her own books have been making waves and I can certainly see why. Talented as well as sincere in her work, her writing comes alive as you turn the pages. She has quite a few books in her list now: Rosamanti, Let Angles Fly, and Stone of Heaven and Earth coming soon.

So what's coming up this fall for me?

Writing, writing and more writing.
Felicity is busy working on Fit to Be Tied, the next book in the Little Miss Kick-Ass series where Race and Astrid get each other all tied up in knots. Literally.

And Kate s busy working on Tin Heart.  I know it's been pushed into the background while Felicity made her erotic romance début, but that's because Kate is a very patient lady and has wanted to give Tin Heart the time it's needed to blossom. So I'm happy to say that the first book is now finished and going through a final round of edits before being sent to a publisher, who will hopefully say, "yes!"

September promises to be busy, but that's just the way I like it to be. I hope yours is a great new month full of making the impossible possible.

Thanks for stopping by :)

~Felicity and Kate~