Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Holy Sh*t, Batman!

Naughty, naughty Kate.
I haven't blogged since Christmas. And it's June.
There are many reasons for my silence. The main one being this has so far been one of those years when everything I've worked for in the last, let's say, lifetime has come together finally.

All. At. The. Same. Freakin'. Time.

Work life, private life, writing life--boom! Holy Sh*t, Batman!
The timing couldn't have been worse, but when chance holds out it's hand saying take it or leave it, I'll take it thank you very much. Though I've struggled to keep from getting sucked under by the ensuing chaos that change always brings, it's been a good growing experience, and I'm grateful for it.

So...to bring things up to speed in my writing journey, remember that little novella that I finished at Christmas? It's coming out in e-book THIS AUGUST. *squee*

Here's my pretty, pretty cover...

And here's the blurb:

Business is all about pleasure for Casey Jackson. Helping Lucas Haskell promote his graphic novel, Steam Bunny, is an erotic dream job. Until he gives her the ultimate ultimatum--commit or leave. She doesn't want his ring or the complications of marriage. But with a boss who knows what he wants and exactly how to get it, playing dress-up has never been so risky…or so much fun.

It's a battle of wills, which you'll get to read two short months from now when Steam Bunny makes it's very steamy and erotic début. A very exciting day for me as it's also my authorial début. *gulp*

To celebrate, I'm hosting some contests and give-aways, the first of which is happening late June, where 1 lucky winner will receive a signed copy of this limited edition art print I painted of Lucas, my sexy artist-hero from Steam Bunny.

To enter, all you need to do is like my Facebook page and spread the word by sharing the event with your friends. Winner will be chosen from a random draw of all the entries.

I have a copy framed on my wall at work. And let me just say, it's really nice to look up and see Lucas staring at me like he's Superman all hot and ready for Lois Lane, especially while I'm on the phone patiently listening to an irate person vent their displeasure. Kinda makes everything else fade into the zone of not caring, you know?

I hope whoever wins him, will enjoy him too.

Good luck with the draw, and thanks for stopping by today.