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Little Miss Kick-Ass Interviews Devyn from Sliding Into Home

Today I am very excited to have Devyn Tate visiting from Anne Lange's steamy erotic romance Sliding Into Home!!!!

Welcome, Devyn. Glad you could join us today.

Hi Felicity. Thank you for inviting me. It’s a pleasure to be here. 

Where you from and what is it you do for a living?

Well, I wish I could say that I'm from some warm, exotic location. But no. I’m from a suburb in Minneapolis Minnesota.  So, I’m getting ready for winter to hit. Having my snow tires put on next weekend. And, as for what pays the bills, I write for a local magazine.

We've all hit hard times in our lives. Can you describe one that changed you as a person and who helped you through it?

That would be my best friends, Caroline and Sara, and unfortunately it happened not too long ago. I came from work in the middle of the day to pick up an article I was working on.  I found my fiancĂ© in bed with my boss.  Needless to say, I no longer work for her.  Him, I’m sort of relieved about. But I really liked that job.

How would you describe the perfect guy?

Smart enough not to sleep with his partner’s boss.   Umm.  I want him to be my friend.  He has to like animals and kids.  He’s willing to work hard. And he has a good sense of humor.  Oh, and I’d like him to be taller than me. *grin*  If he can cook and clean the house – bonus!

Your friends signed you up for a blind date. Have you ever gone on one before? Why did you agree to go on this one?

My friends had gotten into the habit of setting me up. For some reason they felt I needed to be in a relationship. Thankfully, this last one is the last one. As to why I went…well, November in Minneapolis sucks. When tempted with a few days in sunny Vegas, I couldn’t resist. And quite honestly, I had planned to ditch the date and spend the days pool side instead.  Didn’t quite work out that way, but that had been the plan.

Vegas is a very exciting place. Have you been there before?

Yes, a couple of times. I love it there. Lots to do. Lots to see. Apparently, lots to drink. *sheepishly rolls eyes*

 I’ve heard mention of a guy named Jack Bishop. Can you tell us about him?

*laughs*  Heard mention have you?  Jack Bishop the professional baseball player? Or Jack Bishop the high school teacher slash coach? Well, he’s tall, dark and handsome, and can throw a mean curve ball--even still today. Unfortunately, not well enough to continue playing in the professional league. But then I am slightly biased on both counts.  Let’s see. He’s a very nice guy. Great with kids. He’s a fantastic kisser. He’s good at other things too, but I won’t go into those. And he has a great, though sometimes warped, sense of humor. 

As a kick-ass heroine, you know what you want and have a strong mind about how to get it. Do you find this gets you into trouble at times?

*holds up one hand and counts off fingers*  Love of my life. Las Vegas. Drunk. Wedding. Drunk. Need I say more?

If you had to choose between sex on a beach or sex in a bed, which would it be?

Bed. Sand in hard to reach and totally comfortable places?  Ah, no thank you.  Besides, I’d be too scared we’d get caught.  

Any advice for ladies out there who are struggling to find their happy ever after?

Good question.  At one time not that long ago, I was certain a HEA was not in the cards for me. But sometimes your future comes from the past.  Or in the form of the past.  Hmm. Profound aren’t I?  

Don’t give up ladies. Your HEA is out there.  I don’t recommend getting drunk to find it though. The next morning sucks big time.  What I do recommend is sitting down and talking to him or her.  Sometimes all is not as it seems.  And sorbet can help  *wink*

Thank you, Felicity for allowing me the opportunity to sit down and chat with you.  Frankly, I needed some time away from Jack. Since we got married, we’ve spent so little time apart; I was in desperate need of some me-space. *checks watch*  But, my time’s probably running out. So I guess I better go.  Take care!

Lol. Take care, Devyn. Thanks again for stopping by today.

Here's a taste of what trouble Devyn gets up to with Jack on the prowl:

~Excerpt ( for 18+ readers only)~

Sliding into Home A New League - Book 1 © 2014 Anne Lange

She felt no pain. Not the physical kind anyway. Here she sat, in an exquisite hotel suite, in Las Vegas, with… Jack. The boy who had left her. But he didn’t resemble a boy anymore. Oh, no. He looked like a man who could do all sorts of naughty things to make her feel wonderful. And no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t make the naughty suggestions disappear, so she’d given up about two glasses of wine ago, after he’d announced his intentions.

She pictured herself swinging on a pendulum. She swayed to one side and was reminded of the day he’d left. Wasn’t she worth sticking around for, or at least coming home for? Then she swung the other way and focused on the opportunity in front of her. He’s so fucking sexy. And he’s available. And what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Right? It’s not like it’s forever.

She was getting dizzy. She must be going insane if she was even considering it.

Her nipples stood on alert. Her pussy pulsed. Must be the wine. Her friends had brought her to Las Vegas to have sex. But sex with Jack? A mistake? Oh, yeah. She squirmed on the couch, and with as much nonchalance as possible rubbed her arm over her nipples. She suppressed a groan. Okay, maybe a little bit of pain. The kind only a good hard round of sex could relieve.

Devyn glanced up from where she’d settled into the overstuffed couch after they’d moved back into the suite. She watched Jack, but didn’t really see him as he moved about the room. Instead, she pictured him bending her over the arm of the sofa, while the kaleidoscope of colors from the Strip played across the darkened room. In her daydream, he slipped inside her, his cock rigid, thick, hot—stretching her wide, to the pleasurable edge of painful. He paused to place tender kisses down her spine, before pulling back and plunging hard and fast back into her body—relentless in his endeavor to hear her scream his name.

In her mind, she begged him, repeatedly, to make her come.

“Dev, did you say something?”

Startled, she blinked and looked up at his question. “Ah, no.”

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Snippet Sunday #2--Tin Heart

Welcome to my second Snippet Sunday entry, where I'm joining Weekend Writing Warriors from across the globe in posting 8-10 sentences of a story they have written.

My post is again from my romantic steampunk series Tin Heart. In this passage Lady Anne describes the predicament she is in concerning the her future.
Blessed with glossy dark curls, Queen Victoria’s eligible granddaughters were fashionably plump whereas Anne, with hair so fair it appeared almost white, could not have been more opposite. She silently cursed her small breasts and thin frame, which had kept her safely on the outskirts of the marriage market, but now appeared to be the winning favour in the Duke’s eye.
 If rumors were true, Cleone didn’t stand for conventional tastes. He liked women in his bed who were not merely slender, but childlike. Disturbing, but what did Anne know about Andovian men, least of all their conjugal practices?  She had never met one in person, thank heavens, and gossip about the Madagascan island enemy could hardly be solid fact.
She knew only one truth for certain: The Andovians had murdered her parents in a despicable act of cowardice that had nearly destroyed her. She would rather marry a pocket watch than the Duke de Cleone.

I hope you enjoyed this snippet.
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***Mark your calendars!***
Ever wonder what makes dirigibles fly?
On November 4th am honoured to be visiting the Coffee Time Romance Steampunk blog to discuss Air Ship Adventures! Stop by and learn about lighter-than-air travel and what it was like when giant Zeppelins dominated the skies.
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Flushed and Fevered with Selena Illyria

Fall is well under way in the western part of the world. The leaves are changing, the wind is blowing cool and brisk, making us reach for sweaters and hot chocolate. The scent of warm pumpkin pie is filling the air. Yum! It won't be long before the ghosts and ghouls come creeping out to Trick or Treat.

I've always loved Halloween and the magical feeling in the air that comes with dressing up and being anything for one night. But what I love even more is sexy Halloween reads.  Hot, steamy, dark paranormal fantasies, which slip under your skin and make you want more. Vampires that make your heart race. Demons who need some taming. You know, like in Queen of the Damned

Luckily, sinfully talented Selena Illyria has a couple of  erotic romance books out, which fill just that craving.  

Flushed and Fevered Series: available from Etopia Press. 

Bewitching the Vampire

A stubborn witch vs a vampire king…who will win on Halloween?

Bridget is a witch who has been given a sweet deal—nab a rogue vampire and score a big payday, but she must deliver him within twenty-four hours. She’ll need help from Joe, the local vampire liege, to find the rogue vampire fast. Joe agrees to give her the information...if she agrees to play a few hands of poker with him. For each hand, she must reveal a bit about herself. And for each hand she wins, he'll answer any question she asks. But Bridget isn’t sure she can keep things objective—not when Joe gives her that seductive grin.

Joe has always had an interest in the little witch. She defies his expectations and surprises at every turn. But despite his natural inclination to help her, he decides to make her work for the information she needs in the most delicious ways. With a little bit of seduction and a little bit of bondage, he tests her resolve to play the game…and tests his own self-control to contain the blood beast inside him. The stakes are sky-high, for both of them. But on Halloween, the most powerful night of the year, which one will be the winner?

She could lose herself in his voice. She could spend hours just listening to him speaking in that rich tenor. She found her muscles loosening and her spine sinking against the backrest of the chair. Her legs fell open and her fever climbed. She felt her magic skitter along her skin and flow out through her fingertips to dance on the air between them. Her face flushed with heat and her ears prickled. Her eyes wanted to find his and study the expression on his face to find out if her attraction was reciprocated. Vampires used lust against their victims to devastating effects. She had to make sure she didn’t become so infatuated with him that she fell under his thrall.

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Etopia Press
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Making Demons Purr

They will bind her to them in every way they can.

Seraphena, a black panther shifter and familiar, hasn't had a night off in months. Between work, dealing with her mother, and issues with her leap, her life is one challenge after the next. So when she finally finds herself with a night to herself, the last thing she expects is spending it with her secret crushes, Carver and Thorn, demons and owners of her favorite cafĂ©, The Java Demon. Neither does she expect what happens when you play high card strip with a couple of pros. They give her a hot game, a night to remember with a little kink on the side. But Sera knows it can’t last with all the complications in her life. The last thing she needs is having to explain two men at once—and demons at that.

Carver and Thorn have wanted Sera from the moment she first strolled into the Java Demon for her caffeine fix. Now that they have her in their life, they refuse to let her go. They will bind her to them in every way they can, fulfill her fantasies, and show her the love and support she needs. Nothing will stand in their way—not work, not her mother, not her pard. But it might be Sera herself who shuts them out if she can’t stand up to those who would dictate their love…

Sera pulled open the door, prepared to send them away. She felt the need to make lists of topics to cover, create a prep guide for them, call in her shifter friends who dated non-shifters so she could cover all her bases. She opened her mouth to tell Carver and Thorn her decision, but the words stalled on her tongue as her gaze ate up the twin terrors that stood before her. They were suited up and devastating to behold. Men in well-cut suits should be illegal.

Carver wore a black suit with red pinstripes and a crisp, white shirt. The jacket and slacks didn’t hug his body but showed off musculature under the cloth very well. The brightness of the shirt showed off the deep gold of his skin. Both his hands were stuffed into his pockets. He looked cool and casual, but his eyes—endless pools of onyx with a glimmer of fire—gave away his arousal.

Thorn wore a crisp, gray suit with a light blue shirt that really made his steel-colored eyes pop. His red hair was slicked back into a low ponytail with only a few tendrils of gold, white, and red framing his face. His arms hung at his sides with one hand clutching a black box wrapped in cream ribbon.  

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Now aren't you itching to know what's inside that black box? I know I am. Happy reading!!

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