Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Teaser Tuesday--Peyton's Doll Part 2

Whoop....it's Tuesday already and today I have a teaser from Peyton's Doll--Part Two to share. Part 2, you say, didn't Part One just release?

Yes, yes it did, but as it's a serial story, I didn't want to delay as I know some readers are clawing their tablets and phones wondering what happens next.

Well, things heat up in this part of the story, and I'm wondering if I shouldn't have put it in the erotic romance category after all. *cheeky grin*

“You are so, incredibly sexy,” she murmured with a breathy smile. His naked, muscular shoulders were bunched tight with the tension of holding her up against the door, his chest muscles rigid. She slid her palms over them, enjoying the feeling of his heat and strength and the way his skin flexed as she lightly grazed him with her nails. She bit her lip. He was magnificent in every way she could imagine. Strong, yet so gentle, it made her heart ache.

He swallowed hard, his smile slipping, his expression becoming serious. “I’m not the sexy one,” he whispered. The fire within him flared bright in his eyes as he held her gaze.

She wanted to burn in that fire. Let it devour her, body and soul, and chase away any memory of pain. “More,” she whispered as a shiver of craving rippled through her. She looked deep in his eyes, letting him see the truth of her need. “I want you to show me everything.”

“Hell, yeah,” he said, and lifting her high in his arms, he carried her to the bed.

Part 2 is available for pre-order pretty much everywhere. It releases on February 10th 2016. Whoohoo! 

Amazon / Kobo / B&N / iTunes

If you haven't grabbed your copy yet, Part 1 is available here:

Amazon / Kobo / B&N / iTunes

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