Thursday, July 11, 2013

Juggling Balls

It was a dark and stormy night. No, seriously. It was. Monday evening's downpour resulted in not just flooding, but the power went out for several hours, and for some, days. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you can look at these pictures and read all about it here:
 Toronto Battered by Storm Flooding Thousands Stranded

Union Station under water

Damaged roadway from the flood

When trapped on a highway in a flood, what do you do?
Commuter train caught in the flood.
It took 7 hours to rescue the 1000 or so passengers.

Crazy, intense day, right?

But life is nothing without struggle and even though June has been a month of months when it comes to being out of balance in my tiny portion of the universe and July has shaped up to be little different—that storm being the icing on the cake (I hope)—I have somehow managed to not drop the ball. Not completely, anyway. I’ll call it juggling super slow instead  :)

It’s true, writing and creative endeavours have, out of unfortunate necessity, been the lowest peg on my pole of priorities as of late.  But even when I became so exhausted from keeping-things-running at my day job as to vomit one sunny afternoon, I have not quit thinking about my story and the plight of my characters. It is also true that thinking about writing and actually writing are not the same thing, but thinking about what you want to write about at least keeps the story in your mind and percolating like delicious coffee, ready to be sipped when you get the stray moment to put your feet up and jot down a word or two. And I have jotted down a word or two. Not that they make much sense at this point, but jotting is better than not jotting when it comes to words and writing. Making sense can come later when I have more time. And *excited grin* I printed off the first 90 pages of Tin Heart and gave it a read through, thinking that if I could not write, because I didn’t have the brain-space available, I could still read and edit. I have to say it’s so nice to actually see the book as a thick wad of paper, and to flip through it chapter after chapter. Makes me smile and say, “Great…now we just need the rest. GET IT DONE!”

So, with that in mind, I’m off to let my fingers do the talking and GET IT DONE. You never know when another storm will hit.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the flooding! Hope the water has receded and the clean up is well under way. How horrible.

    On the flip-side, how wonderful for you to see how much progress you are making. Because you are, even though sometimes not as much as you would like. You'll get there. With a fab story. ;)

  2. Yes, clean up is going fine and as there was no loss of life, all is well. Gave us all much to talk about at the office water cooler though ;) Thanks for your encouragement. I'm hard on myself and impatient to get this book done. But thanks for all your help and support and for stopping by the blog. It is very much appreciated.

  3. Ahhh. Sometimes printing off and reading an actual page is very different from reading it on a screen. It does make your progress feel much more real, doesn't it? Good job. And good for you, keeping your brain in the game. :)