Monday, April 29, 2013

Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

I can't imagine inspiring anyone right now with my head stuffed up with a cold and my tonsils like marbles, but here it is, just the same, a very lovely honour from Ms. Shehanne Moore in the form of A Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

Shehanne, apparently, had something of a fight on her hands with giving me this award on account of her Lady Fury being annoyed with my Lady Anne, concerning their shared taste for unconventional men and Flint being a pirate. But Shehanne snuck the link through under Fury's nose (probably while Fury was occupied inspecting the contents of Flint's trousers) and gave me the award anyway. So thank you, Shehanne, for your bravery in facing Fury's ire, I appreciate your kindness.

More about Lady Fury can be found here:
And about Shehanne, here:
And the link to her debut novel, The Unraveling of Lady Fury, can be found here:
I was inspired to pick it up, and upon reading it, inspired to contact Shehanne and tell her how wonderful and refreshing the story is. So, there you go. Books are inspiring, even for creating friendships.

According to the terms of this award, I must now reveal seven things about myself so I'll tell you what I find inspiring:

1. I have two cats: Jiggeratta the Wicked and Fluffernutter. They are old, cuddly and purry and inspire me to want to stay in bed and write.

2. Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones aside, I could live without TV. I prefer movies, good books, and writing as entertainment. There is nothing more inspiring to a writer than enjoying someone else's fantastic work.

3.The sound of a gentle rainfall inspires me to smile, as long as it's not falling on my head. Then I kind of scowl a bit and mutter.

4.I think that finding the courage to get out of bed and face the world everyday is very inspiring, especially for people who can't. A disabled person is so much more than just a chair with wheels, but sadly that is often all people choose to see. Think about it.

5.Taking the chance to tell someone you appreciate them, especially a stranger, is crazy scary isn't it? But I like to do it because the world is full of nay-sayers and life, let's face it, it's just too short.

6.Warm beach sand, vodka, and room service...yeah, very inspiring. But so is walking in the woods, taking pictures of birds and flowers and the things I love.

7.Friendship. Kindness. Love. Children's giggles. Old people holding hands....Enough said.

But the best part of any award, I think, is in sharing it with other people. So with great delight, I have chosen bloggers (in no particular order) who have inspired me in some way. Each of them are wonderful, talented, creative people who, without their words, the world would be a smaller place.

Luciana Cavallaro
and last, but definitely not least,

Now go forth and be inspiring...


  1. Kate, u are lovely. I knew u would never be uninspiring

  2. Yay, thanks for nominating me, Kate! Now to rack my brain for 7 interesting things about myself!

  3. Thank you, Shehanne and Maya. Your support is truly inspiring. xo

  4. Hm. I will have to hunt up some Red Bull and think of some interesting things about me. LOL Thank you!