Monday, February 18, 2013

Dreams and Designs

Lady Anne Amberleigh
Thought I'd post a sketch of my heroine from my romantic steampunk work-in-progress: Tin Heart.
I wonder what Anne's thinking about. She doesn't look very happy. Then again, after all the trouble she's been put through in the story lately, I wouldn't expect her to be.
But what do you think? Does she look the part? A petite, blonde woman, not beautiful, but pretty, with 'memorable' grey eyes? I'm not certain if I've captured her quite her yet, but it's always nice to visualize what a character is like when writing a story. And steampunk, well, it's just such a fun, visual genre. The gadgets, the fantastic settings, the hats and parasols... I can't help but think this story would make a lovely graphic novel as well as a novella. Perhaps, one day, a publisher out there will think so too. :)
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  1. I love this picture. Makes me want to call her "Annie" and give her a hug!