Friday, February 24, 2012

19th Century Remedies?

I found a very enlightening article on the Steampunk Blog, Xerposa all about 19th Century Remedies

Nothing quite like a tonic to cure you ... or kill you.
My favourites would be either the Male Impotency Belt, the Hysterical Paroxsysm gentle massage for Hysteria, and last but not least, Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup for Teething Children. But who am I kidding? All of the remedies are real eye-poppers. So grab your coffee and click on over to the Xerposa Blog, which is a pretty neat place to be lurking on a Friday morning. Especially when it's raining. Like it is here.


  1. Hoo boy. Kinda makes you surprised that anybody ever grew up, much less grew old, right? LOL

  2. I am thinking everyone in the 19th century suffered from addiction, lol. But then I wondered if modern medicines were any better. Oxycodone, amongst other things, certainly has the ability to make people addicted. But atleast prescription drugs are regulated and you can't grab a bottle of "couch syrup" from the local pharmacy that was brewed on site using the shop-keepers own "special" recipe.

    Thanks for stopping by!